SHOP PREVIEW: New Vintage Coming to The Shop

Today, I have been shooting pics of the new vintage inventory that will be coming the Etsy shop this week.  We just can't wait to bring it to you. It will be a beginning in a series of updates and changes that will be made to the HOUSE OF LENORA brand.

A few of the dresses featured below came from an estate sale of a woman who owned a boutique. There are a few pieces that are NWT.  She had an amazing closet full of great stuff. Thank the LORD I was #3 in a line of 200 people interested in everything from the clothing to a huge collection of rare coins.

1950s Floral Print, R&K Originals, $150.00, Excellent Condition 
1950s Mademoiselle Ricci Floral Frock, $400.00, Excellent Condition. 

1950s Jack Sterns Original Lace Dress in Regency Blue, $220.00
Let us know if you have any questions regarding any of these dresses. They should be making it on to the Etsy site any day now.



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