We Have a New Attitude and a New Name !!!

Max and Cleo Black and White Striped Halter Dress, House of Lenora on Ebay, $47.00 and Free Shipping.
Hey everyone.  I know that we keep saying that we are back, but finally we are back and we are conducting a facelift.  If you have noticed, our shop name has been changed to House of Lenora.  Why, might you ask.  Well, I have always wanted a shop that would pay homage to the bond between my mother and I. We shared not a only a love for music and the way that women dressed, but also a middle name, Lenora.  I was heading the store and its merchandise in a different direction and wanted the name to reflect these changes.  We are very excited and  can not wait to show the new inventory in the coming weeks.

Betsey Johnson Strappy Fuchsia Heel, House of Lenora on Ebay, $65.00 and Free Shipping 
Now you may have noticed that we are also currently carrying an array of current consignment labels as well.  The truth is that I could not resist, because I am a lover of great fashion new and old.  So please check out both the Ebay store, where we will sell both vintage and current and our Etsy store, where we will only sell vintage.  Occasionally, the Etsy store will have some pieces that the Ebay store will not, so please look at them both!

We will also still have a great selection of Vintage Patterns and promise to stay true to our DIY crowd! Instead of having a separate store, you will find them available at both stores for your convenience.

Vintage Vogue Paris Original NINA RICCI Pattern 2191, House of Lenora on Etsy, $50.00

And last but definitely not least, we will still have our beloved vintage!!!! Again, this is an exciting endeavor and we are just over the moon about it.  Thank so much to the followers who have hung in there with us.  

Monique, House of Lenora 


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