Weight Watchers Update No. 1

Okay, so here goes...

I just signed up for Weight Watchers on - line and not because of all of those commercials with Jennifer Hudson's skinny twin singing about a "New Day" to the top of her lungs.  By the way,  I LOVE me some Jennifer Hudson.  Anyway, I signed up because the truth is that I don't like the direction that my weight and overall health has taken. I have always struggled with weight, but now this has become a civil war between my body and my mind. Physically, I feel exhausted by the smallest effort to move on a treadmill and mentally, I sometimes can't see myself smaller than my current weight. Therefore, self -motivation is a challenge.  

No matter what I do, I just can't seem to keep the weight off. But then it dawned on me one day. The reason I can't keep the weight off is because I honestly don't know how to.  All of the diets that I have been on, Atkins, No Carb and Low Carb, B12 shots, LA Weight Loss, South Beach, etc. mainly focused on how to lose weight but  maintenance is usually the last 5 pages in the book.  Additionally, by the time I get to maintenance, I have already broken the diet due to the strict and impossible eating requirements. Why did I do these ridiculous diets you say? Well I wanted to lose it FAST!  The pressure to lose 30 lbs. in 2 months  is HUGE! Even previously pregnant celebutantes make you feel worthless if you can't drop a load of LBs in a nano-second.

So since the fast track does not help me sustain the weight loss or even adapt realistic eating habits, I am assigning the "slow and steady" pace to my journey towards a healthier and happier me. Not only will I focus on losing weight this time, but I will also learn the following: 

1.   I will learn how to eat for nourishment and for my overall health,

2.   I will learn how to prepare my foods with fresh ingredients that are not high in   saturated fats, sugars, or salts.  Fastfood be DAMNED!

3.   I will learn how to provide healthy,well prepared meals for me and my husband, so that we will be able to cook healthy meals for ourselves and our future children. I have picked one day a week, Sunday, to cook for both me and husband from a Weight Watchers cook book that has been in my possession for over a year.  Be on the look out as I share the good recipes with you all.

4.   I will eagerly include physical activity in my schedule 5 days a week to build up my energy levels and to provide my body with the oxygen that it needs to carry me through my lifetime. 

Before Picture #1 - 216 lbs. - June 11, 2012

I know these are lofty goals, but that is why I am sharing this journey with you; I need to be held accountable.  I hope that by doing this, you will help me stay the course and that I will inspire you to start yours if you are facing the same battle. You will be my on-line support group.   I didn't understand the value of a support group until my first Weight Watchers meeting.  It was AMAZING! I was so scared because I didnt know what to expect, but it is the best thing that has happened to me because now I don't have to feel alone  in my journey. So thank you in advance for letting me do this and yes, I will continue to post beautiful vintage in the store and from the past. There just might be a twist here and there. hehehe.

Monique, Twirl Vintage Co.

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  1. ww is the best, I have recently lost 30lbs. u gotta get ALL the Hungry Girl by Lisa Lillian books, u will live them! So much better than ww recipe books, trust me!

  2. 30lbs is amazing!!! Congrats!!!! I will chcek out those books. Thanks for the tip! :)

  3. Cece, I just went to the Hungry Girl website and I am sooooo grateful to you for telling me. I'm going this weekend to order those recipe cards!


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