ATL Trip Part One: Bill Traylor's Exciting Events

On my birthday, the hubs took me away to one of my favorite cities in the South; Atlanta.  A much needed departure from the hum drum day to day of life, Atlanta proved not only to be a romantic respite, but an artistic amalgamation of beautiful sights and sounds. One of my most treasured visits was a stop through the High Museum where they are currently showing the work of self taught artist, Bill Traylor in the Wieland Pavilion.  Bill Traylor is considered to be one of the most important self taught artist of the Depression era. 

Born into slavery, Traylor's lifestyle and existence was meager at best, but his art embodied its own levels of sophistication and told stories of what Traylor called "exciting events".  

Traylor's works were geometrically crude in structure, yet modern and highly stylized.  With the use of charcoal, marker, and poster paint, Traylor's artistic renderings of the comings and goings on the streets of Montgomery, Alabama are considered to be some of the most influential works of modern art in America.

Discovered by painter and friend Charles Shannon, Traylor sold a majority of his paintings to Shannon who would later re-introduce them in the 1970s. about 37 of the approximately 1500 pieces created by Traylor are currently being featured at the High Museum.
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  1. Love the pictures - so simple yet evocative. Sigh... now I want a romantic respite in Atlanta.

  2. I know right?! I would give anything to go back....


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