The Zipper Behind the Music: The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers Album Cover

Voted by VH1 TV as the "No. 1 Greatest Album Cover" of all time, "zippin" through memory lane is the Rolling Stones' cover to cover album, Sticky Fingers. This "fashionable" album cover made quite the ripple; as it featured a close-up shot of an unidentified male's crotch in tight blue jeans, with a mock belt buckle and an actual working zipper, that when unzipped, revealed the model's white cotton briefs.  The artistic concept was created by none other than 70s pop artist, Andy Warhol. It was said that the model may have been his then lover, Jed Johnson, but it was later revealed that there were several models shot for the cover and the final candidate was only known by Warhol himself. The cover art was deemed provocative and sexually suggestive; but above all else, groundbreaking.

The original cover underwent a few physical changes in its second pressing, as it was said that retailers complained that the zipper was actually damaging their vinyl stock when stacked in storage. The zipper was then modified to zip only half wa in effort to minimize this issue.  This album is highly collectible especially if the zipper is actually working. Consumer past playfulness makes a "working zipper" almost a rare feature, but it is said to have massive worth on the collector's market valuing as high as $200.00 plus dollars depending upon press date and album and cover condition.  

Sticky Fingers was the Stones' first album of the 70s and it was and forever remains a classic; ranking #63 on Rolling Stone Magazine's "500 Greatest Albums" of all time list in 2003.  Featuring chart topping hits like "Brown Sugar" and  "Wild Horses", Sticky Fingers would go down in musical history as a world wide massive classic rock success. Photo Credit: Billy Name. Design Credit: Craig Braun.

Monique, Twirl Vintage Co.

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