Vintage Picture Book: Emilio Pucci

Worn by countless celebrities and socialites, Emilio Pucci's designs and geometric color schemes would change fashion from the staid color and designs of World War II; thus bringing forth a bolder more imaginative form of textile and design that was then and even now highly regarded as "artful fashion". Pucci clothing are still in distribution today, but guarantee that anything vintage is not only considered to be a classic, but also "highly collectible". 

The Late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in Pucci Sunnies - circa late 60s early 70s

 Actress Jane Fonda wearing Pucci - circa late 60s

Marilyn Monroe's Sherbet Colored Pucci Blouse - sold at Auction for a record $19,000.00

 The Man hard at work

Monique, Twirl Vintage Co.


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