Vintage Girl Group Crush: The Supremes

One of my biggest vintage obsessions is Girl Groups! You name it, the Supremes, Martha Reeves and Vandellas, the Ronettes, The doesn't matter, I am just absolutely obsessed with these ladies!! I don't know if its the pop sound of teen agst and heartache or the subtle lolita-esque style and vocally liberated defiance. I just yearn for the whole melodic experience. That is why I will be starting a weekly series called Vintage Girl Group Crush! This week I will be honoring the FIRST LADIES of Girl Group Hall of Fame: THE SUPREMES!

Big on Motown sound and high on style, these ladies charted the path for some of today's most successful girl groups . They were not only one of the most vocally talented pop groups of the 60s, but they were also the most stylistically influential group of women to grace the world's stage.....

Besos, xoxo
Monique, Twirl Vintage Co.


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