Celebrating the Wedding Season Marilyn and Joe style

We are in the midst of the big wedding season at my full time job and it never fails to amaze me how large an industry this wedding business has become.  I plan GINORMOUS weddings for a living, so it was naturally assumed that I would have a GINORMOUS wedding of my own.  I must admit, as a teen girl I dreamed vividly of an all white ceremony similar to the royal wedding in April with pink and white peonies and thousands of white votive candles to warm the reception room. But as I grew older and wiser, my focus narrowed and my priorities leaned more towards an event that would be personal, romantic, and true to who we were as a couple. As my husband and I planned for our move to the South, we decided that a civil ceremony would be the most practical solution for a couple HOT on being husband and wife and NOT set on having a wedding that would rival Will and Kate.  With a Celebrant in tow and a small intimate list of family and friends, we became man and wife and it was by far one of the most romantic moments of our lives. Gone was the pomp and circumstance or the frustration of deciding on an endless list of details such as "should we print the save the dates on bond paper or embossed?" or "should we get pin - tuck linens or high sheen?" We were just absolutely smitten and in love with each other and that was just that. Funny enough, as I was planning that day, my mind kept playing back the old wedding photos of the Marilyn Monroe and Joe Di Maggio nuptials in 1954 in the San Francisco City Hall. Both of them were BIG stars at the time and could have easily planned a huge wedding, but instead they opted for a no frills civil ceremony. She in her dark brown broadcloth suit with an ermine collar, and he in his blue suit complete with a blue and white checked tie (said to have been chosen as it was the suit he wore on their first date).  Yes it was low on all the wedding pomp, but it was high on love and romance and you can tell that although this marriage lasted no more than 9 months, they were smitten and it was ALL about them. My advice to any couple planning a wedding, large or small, make sure that this day is not just her day, but our day. Make it all about you two and nothing else....

And make sure you do an awful lot of kissin too....wink.

Besos, xoxo,
Monique, Twirl Vintage Co.


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