☆Camera Shy☆

So I'm constantly e-mailed by wonderful readers who want to know what I look like (a face that a mother could love), what I dress like (cross between Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop), and what my home looks like (naked as I am still furnishing it).  While I admire the bravery and personal style of Solanah (Vixen Vintage), Sammy D (Sammy D Vintage), Karla Deras (Karla's Closet) and Lauren (Dear Golden Vintage); I am not there yet... you can say that I am bit camera shy. In fact, I am painfully camera shy and what's more I don't really believe that I'm photogenic; and whilst I believe that the blog world has given birth to a new generation of biologically defiant models, I still feel safest previewing the shop or chronicling my thrifting and the little inspirations that I find on my trips. I know that eventually I will share more on this personal journey and that this blog will become a space where I will become more comfortable showcasing my own personal style,  but for now I will settle on these two pics a friend of mine captured on a trip to Jamaica. The aperture was barely open and the shots were taken after a full day of floating in the ocean with the sun at my face. 


Besos, xoxo, 
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