SHOP PREVIEW - Summer's Lace and Lingerie

My inner Taurus just screams for lace and luxury when shopping for nightgowns. I absolutely adore anything in chiffon, lace, or sheerio nylon.  I recently acquired a trunk load of beautiful 1950s lingerie for the shop. Here is a preview of what's to come:

1950s Van Raalte Sheerio Nylon Nightgown, $65.00 Twirl Vintage Co.

Beautiful inverted "v" bodice with ruffle collar.Twirl Vintage Co

The Van Raalte's SHEERIO line was noted for its silky textured nylon. Most of the labels have the SHEERIO name on them, but occasionally you will see the same fabric called PHILMY Sheerio, or sometimes just PHYLMY. These pieces are are rare and command high prices. If you find a SHEERIO piece, do not pass it up. 

"Sheerio" trademark registered in 1934, but was in use as early as 1931. The trademark was renewed by Van Raalte in 1974. It is now dead. This label is from a dead stock item on sale at Twirl Vintage Co.

COMPANY HISTORY COURTESY OF THE VINTAGE FASHION GUILD: "The Van Raalte Company was founded by Emanuel Van Raalte in 1913.  Van Raalte was a maker of fine gloves, nylon stockings and lingerie.  They were bought by Cluett, Peabody & Co (the Arrow shirt company) in the 1980s and eventually the company was sold to Warnaco."

1950s Van Raalte Floral Applique Nightgown, $60.00, Twirl Vintage Co. 

I just love the floral appliques and the 2 layers of nylon and chiffon. These are so beautiful that it justifies the choice to wear undergarments as dresses. 

1950s Tosca Chiffon and Nylon Peignoir, $150.00, SOLD  

This Tosca peignoir set was my absolute favorite. It was an exquisite piece of art and may not have left my hands if had actually fit me. It was in our on-line store for less than 24 hours before it was snapped up by a buyer. This price was a deal given that these sets tend to sell in the upwards of $250.00!!!

Imagine 3 layers of chiffon and nylon!!!! This was  a great piece for a bride trousseau or a special occasion. 

1960s Val Mode Nylon Robe, $35.00, Twirl Vintage Co. (listing upcoming - feel free to send an inquiry)

1950s Light Pink Sears and Roebuck, Charmode Line Nylon slip, $25.00, Twirl Vintage Co.

1970s Gilead 2 layer Butterfly Wing House Dress, $55.00, SOLD, Twirl Vintage Co. 

A lot of these labels are still in production such as Val Mode, Shadowline, and Vanity Fair, but there are some that are out of production. Below is a list of these brands. Keep in mind, that these brands also command the most money die to rarity. 

1950s Watermelon Pink Charmode Nightgown, $37.00 Twirl Vintage Co.

Some lingerie companies such as Vanity Fair, Gilead, and Val Mode are still in production. But there are several brands that have been discontinued and are considered quite valuable due to their rarity. These brands can also command higher collector's price. 

Intime of California
Cattani of California
Lucie Ann~Claire Sandra
Van Raalte
Jenelle of California
Rovel / Ro-Vel of California
Eye Full-Flaum's
Henson Kickernick (later Kickernick merged with Henson)
Olga NIGHTGOWNS (foundations still made)
Odette Barsa
Artemis (later Gossard merged with Artemis)
Gaymode (Vintage JCPenney exclusive brand)
Charmode (Vintage Sears exclusive brand)
Glydons or Glydons of Hollywood
Christian Dior
Bien Jolie
Formfit Rogers
Movie Star
Lady Lynne
Mary Barron
Lady Leonora
Fischer Heavenly Lingerie
-list courtesy of Sweet Cherry Vintage

Feel free to shop for your vintage lingerie at Twirl Vintage Co.


  1. oh my gosh, i love ALL of these!! so beautiful and dreamy. i am so ready for a world where we all lounge around in vintage lingerie all day.


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