I'm addicted to closets and extreme organization!!! Go figure, I am a clothing retailer; so there's always an obsession with the new way to display and organize my wares!!! My husband has given me an entire room to make into a closet and I don't know where to begin. I've been flipping through the design books for some ideas, but the closets that have really awakened my creativity are the celebrity and designer closets. 

I love Christina's use of pink and red. Its so Alice and Wonderland meets the Queen of Hearts. Plus, I often imagine me and my "future"  baby in quite the same pose; mommy on top of things and baby overwhelmed by mommy's ability to do it all in 4 inch

Somehow, I don't think the hubby will allow me this indulgence, but pink is just the ultimate closet color!!!!

I love how clean this look is and the arch way entry just adds so much classic beauty to the room.

Modern digs for the modern woman. What can I say except, love, love, love!!!

Not only is Eva petite and fabu, but this closet just screams, "There is a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk tucked away in here!!!" Lovely cheery wood finish, molding galore!!! Classic, classic, classic!!

 Hilton girls do nothing for me, but this closet and those shoes are to die for!!!

Paris Hilton is killing me with the Hollywood Regency mirrored closet. Yes it is a bit over the top, but you've got to give it to her, the girl lives BIG!!! 

Ms. Kimora !!!! Rock that animal print carpet cat lady!!!! Meow!!! This closet is a diva's den!!!

Mariah's closet is OVER!!!! I would just faint every morning. No seriously, someone would have to dress me, because I would be on the floor if this were my closet!!!

Oddly enough, I wasn't as impressed with Rachel's closet; but I have to give the girl credit. She is a dressin mama!!! She is also a firm believer in the power of vintage vines, so I think the contents would be far more impressive than the closet itself. 

And of course, Carrie's new closet in the Sex and the City movie. What can I say? Just perfection. CLOSET HEAVEN!!! Can you hear the Angels singing???!!! A closet worth 6 seasons of heartache from Mr. Big. 

Decisions, decisions, I have my work cut out for me!!!!


  1. I like the Hiltons closet. keep it simple.
    let the clothes do the talking.

  2. I agree Carrie. And I love her use of the french doors. I think I might change my closet doors out. I have double doors, so that could be ornate without doing too much.


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