Hallelujah for Vintage Hats!!!!

This was one of my favorite photo shoots for the shop. We had the pleasure of visiting a huge estate sale in Washington DC and it was worth it. What a stylish lady!!! Every hat that we encountered was just absolutely gorgeous!!!! There is nothing like a flirty whimsey, or a coy cap to top off an outfit.

1960s Red Cellophane Straw Beret, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1960s Lancaster Taupe Netted Bubble Pill Hat, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1950s Dayton Co. Black Velvet  Scalloped Cap, Twirl Vintage Co.

1960s Franklin Simon Cream Big Brimmed Hat, SOLD, Twirl Vintage Co.

1950s Montaldo's - Gottlieb Green Tam, Twirl Vintage Co. 

Late 1950s Firenze Tassel Top Hat, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1960s Ursula Hauceuil Feather & Net Whimsey Hat, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1950s Eva Mae Bow Bonnet Cap, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1950s Chante by Schacter Chocolate Cap with Hat Pins, Twirl Vintage Co.

2 matching hat pins were tucked nicely into this beautiful cap. 

1950s Rust colored Cap with Netting at Twirl Vintage Co. 

1960s Don Anderson Floral Garden Hat, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1960s Betmar Black Mod Buckled Hat, Twirl Vintage Co

Enjoy and check out these and other fine vintage items at Twirl Vintage Co. on Etsy.com.


  1. you're selling these? This is a shop?? Holy Moley I have to buy!!


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