Thursday, May 20, 2010


This week, we are adding some beautiful vintage Vogue Paris Original Patterns that we acquired from an estate sale in Alabama. Walking through homes where the woman of the house is a crafty girl is always quite a treat. It appeared that she threw nothing away and each uncut fabric remnant and uncut pattern told a story of a woman who envisioned herself a fashion diva in Paris. All of these pieces are available at Twirl Vintage Co. 
1960s Molyneux Suit Jacket and Dress 

1960s Balmain Dress

1960s Mod Dress by Molyneux

This label was usually located at the fabric store counter and acquired once the pattern was purchased. These are often hard to find and highly coveted by collector's . We located at least 4 of them in our acquisition of this exquisite collection. This piece truly completes a pattern and will escalate the price of the pattern. 

SOLD 1960s Formal Trapeze Dress by Madame Gres. This piece is very popular and has sold for as
high as $95.00 on the internet. 

1960s Mod Dress by Valentino

1960s Mod Dress by Jacques Heim

1960s Mini Dress by Valentino

1960s Mod Sheath by Molyneux

1950s Negligee or Brunch Coat

1960s Mod Dress Pierre Cardin

1960s Jacques Heim Greecian Goddess Dress

1960s Jacques Heim 2 Piece Dress

1950s Christian Dior Coat, Suit, and Scarf Pattern

1950s Christian Dior Evening Dress with Bolero 

There was a time when women would make their fashion dreams come true by re-creating by hand looks made famous in the Vogue editorials. My mother was the last of this generation of women, as it has become far more practical for women to just purchase their dresses; but I still remember being fascinated by the beautiful illustrations of sewing patterns and the sense of imagination that they would awaken in me.

1960s Pierre Cardin One Piece Mod Tent Dress

1960s Vogue Couturier design by Ronald Paterson of England Pattern

1960s Very Easy, Very Vogue Baby Doll Dress with Bell Sleeves

Acquiring these gems reinvigorated that creative feeling and I am a little less intimidated by the idea of taking a sewing lesson or even using a sewing machine. Although quite complicated and usually only accomplished by professional hands, these patterns inspire you to take a leap and at least try your hand at recreating the chic looks featured on the envelope. 

1940s/50s Vogue Paris Original Dress and Coat Pattern

1940s Suit by Vogue Couturier 

1960s Basic Jacket Design 

In the meantime, they also just make wonderful collector's items or "frameable art". Just use your awakened imagination. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hallelujah for Vintage Hats!!!!

This was one of my favorite photo shoots for the shop. We had the pleasure of visiting a huge estate sale in Washington DC and it was worth it. What a stylish lady!!! Every hat that we encountered was just absolutely gorgeous!!!! There is nothing like a flirty whimsey, or a coy cap to top off an outfit.

1960s Red Cellophane Straw Beret, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1960s Lancaster Taupe Netted Bubble Pill Hat, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1950s Dayton Co. Black Velvet  Scalloped Cap, Twirl Vintage Co.

1960s Franklin Simon Cream Big Brimmed Hat, SOLD, Twirl Vintage Co.

1950s Montaldo's - Gottlieb Green Tam, Twirl Vintage Co. 

Late 1950s Firenze Tassel Top Hat, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1960s Ursula Hauceuil Feather & Net Whimsey Hat, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1950s Eva Mae Bow Bonnet Cap, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1950s Chante by Schacter Chocolate Cap with Hat Pins, Twirl Vintage Co.

2 matching hat pins were tucked nicely into this beautiful cap. 

1950s Rust colored Cap with Netting at Twirl Vintage Co. 

1960s Don Anderson Floral Garden Hat, Twirl Vintage Co. 

1960s Betmar Black Mod Buckled Hat, Twirl Vintage Co

Enjoy and check out these and other fine vintage items at Twirl Vintage Co. on

Tale of the Two Trench Coats

It was by pure luck that while out thrifting, I found these two very elegant trench coats.  I didn't think that it was possible to find a barely worn U.K. produced Burberrys' trench and a Diane Von Furstenberg trench in the same day; but it appears that lightening can strike twice. I must say, they are hard to part with, but with such high consumer demand, how can we refuse our customers the chance to be their most stylish this season? 

Burberrys' Trench, $250.00 -  Twirl Vintage Co. on

Burberrys' or Burberry you may ask? - Well according to an e-bay guide as well as the Burberry main offices in London, both are authentic labels. The company changed its name from Burberrys' to Burberry in the 90s. A Burberry trench coat is one of the most coveted wardrobe staples in the fashion industry with retail prices starting as high as $1,200.00.

Diane Von Furstenberg Trench, $200.00 - Twirl Vintage Co. on 

Diane Von Furstenberg has been the voice of women's couture since the "wrap dress" 70s and yet with all that girl power; she still retains an air of elegance and old world beauty in the construction of her pieces. This trench is just gorgeous with the belted sleeves, swing coat fullness, and belted waist; what's not to love? Her trench coats hold their value and currently start as high as $500 retail.