Vintage Explosion in Birmingham, AL!!!

As some of you may know, I have moved to the fine land of Birmingham, AL.  My hubby's promotion has brought us further south than I ever imagine; but to tell you the truth, 3 weeks in and I love it already. The only downside is, I was just in the middle of a burgeoning business and  I had tons of inventory to pack. Additionally, I had to move all the way from Washington DC.  in the middle of one of the most historically brutal snowstorms, 5 feet of snowpile to be exact. 

So, with over 200 pairs of shoes, countless hats, dresses, sewing patterns, and purses for sale (not including my own personal wardrobe) this was no small feat.  But I have unpacked everything and it is truly a VINTAGE EXPLOSION  in Birmingham. Our entire new house is covered in it. Thank God for the love of a patient man. In spite of the fact that he could care less that I found two gorgeous Oleg Cassini dresses  the other day, he has made room for my passion. VIVA LA AMORE, VIVA LA VINTAGE!!!! To enjoy my selection of cool vintage,check out my shop at Twirl Vintage Co. 

Now I've been on a mad hunt for all of the good vintage in Alabama, and I was getting rather depressed at what I thought was a bleek selection; but a glimmer of hope came in the form of a style warrior named Poochie. I spotted her sifting through the racks at warp speed and I knew immediately that she and I were on the hunt for the same goods.  I know that professional "thrifters" can be territorial, but this one was different, she was generous with her information and style wisdom and even gave me some scoop on the B'ham scene. I gathered from her that it is still in its infancy, but it is on the rise and should not be overlooked. We talked secretary dresses, exchanged etsy pages and info,  and I am now a bonafide fan of Poochie's Closet and Birmingham, AL. 



  1. Hello!

    I have plenty to share about B-ham if your interested.
    I grew up there, and will be moving back home very soon! Upon graduation. I am interested in opening a Vintage shop in Birmingham, well its more of a CO-OP art HUB. But if your interested send me an email.

    also you can check out my blog.

    I am on the search for local B-ham artists/crafters/ vintage gooroos to get in touch with.

    have a splendid day!


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